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International Art Bansko

Oil on linen - 30 x 40 cm - 2015

I'm very happy to use this blog to talk about the International Art Bansko, the new gallery opened by Evelina and Joerg Butzbach in Bulgaria. I was of course very honored to know them interested by one of my paintings. 

But more marvellous for me, for the first time in my small career (I just have done 2,000 paintings in 11 years of professional career), one of my paintings has been showed in public. So thank you to them to have been the first gallery to show one of my paintings in public.


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My paintings on the Move

This Monday, it has left my studio to be installed in a very pleasant home in Australia. ^^

In the same time, this little gem is now in the house of a pretty princess with her 2 cats in Washington. Everywhere Post works, you may receive one of my paintings. ;-)

Lemons and leaves

Waooh !! I was very happy to have on-lined this large piece that it was immediately sold. So this pleasant composition was sent the same day to the United Kingdom. ^^

In the same time, I continue to work on paintings for my YouTube film. I think it will be pleasant. ^^

Large pieces

Several large pieces are in progress in my small studio. It's very strange to take suddenly a brush n°.12 when I'm so used to paint with n°.0 ! :-)

You will be able to follow this pleasant and intimist piece. I prefer to reserve the others to make you a surprise when they will be finished. ^^