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New support

Even if it seems my studio is very quiet sometimes, the work continues to be done seriously like these supports that I made with thin Belgium linen. With the experience, I become more and more requiring on the quality and as says the proverb : "We have never served as well as by oneself". Next stage I shall wish to master, to make frames for small sizes. ^^


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My paintings on the Move

This Monday, it has left my studio to be installed in a very pleasant home in Australia. ^^

In the same time, this little gem is now in the house of a pretty princess with her 2 cats in Washington. Everywhere Post works, you may receive one of my paintings. ;-)

Simply an apple

This pleasant small piece on wood will be sent tomorrow to the United Kingdom. :-)

Lemons and leaves

Waooh !! I was very happy to have on-lined this large piece that it was immediately sold. So this pleasant composition was sent the same day to the United Kingdom. ^^

In the same time, I continue to work on paintings for my YouTube film. I think it will be pleasant. ^^