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Flemish oil technique stage 6

Oil on MDF - 10 x 10 inches

More of 3 weeks later...

It will be the last photo before the definitive of this painting. For this 6th step, average tints as the darkest were worked by transparency and the contrasts were strengthened. Details are more precise as the lighting effects. We have now a precise idea of the final result for this very pleasant composition.

For the next step, we shall still specify all these small details, 7 interventions being the minimum number of this method.

To protect your painting, use professional retouching varnish if it is less than 6 months old. It will keep longer and you can varnish it definitively later.

I hope to have brought you a clearer vision of the method of painting used by Flemish primitive masters.

Thank you for supporting painters who still work according to this method worldwide because it's the real method to paint with oil  and unfortunately, this knowledge as this skill disappear inevitably.

Once framed

This painting has been done according this method.


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