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Flemish technique - Day two

I work again my dead layer today to be certain of its quality before to put the colors by glazing. I look forward to paint it more. ^^

Flemish technique - Day one

It's always a great pleasure for me to work with the Flemish technique whatever the size of the support. The dead underlayer is now ready and I have to wait that it dries before to begin the color layers by glazing. I look forward to begin. ^^

Grapes #33 - Day 5

The pass was very pleasant today. The previous tracks of brush begin to disappear. Another 3 for 4 passes will be needed before this painture is ended.

Grapes #33 in progress

I will have to left my studio sooner today because it's already our 23th wedding birthday for Marie-Dominique and I. <3

On the easel

Another large piece is on my easel for the biggest macaroons that I have ever painted. The under-layer is done in color for this time. ^^

On the easel

For this new week, 2 larger pieces are on the easel. If one is almost ended, these grapes already look fine. I look forward to working drops of water because I shall experiment a new way of painting them.

The Moon catchers II


Lime and lemon with metal jar

Sold - Hong-Kong

Strawberries with sauceboat

Sold - Hong-Kong