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Showing posts from June, 2015

New frames

I spent a long time to work on new paintings after to have framed other pieces. Among the new subjects, this happy character. Contrary to the Legos, his expression has never changed since my childhood... His face is always joy and happiness. And a smile in these disturbed times is always more precious. ^^

On the easel

Although everything can seem quiet at the moment, I work hard in the studio this week, in particular on this composition elaborated in the idea to greet the great Dutch master Pieter Claesz. We shall note here, the very beautiful glasses which I was able to find and which look like at the same painted several centuries ago. It promises and I look forward to seeing the final result.

Lego Star wars

Sold - United-Kingdom

Marbles #15

Sold - United-Kingdom

Marbles #14

Sold - United-Kingdom

On the easel

The work on the glass began besides a new pass on the tablecloth today. ;-)

3 pears in the shade

Sold - United-Kingdom

2 clementines in silver

Sold - United-Kingdom

Green tea #4

Sold - United-Kingdom

The Moon catchers

This lovely piece has been shpped this morning to Essex, United-Kingdom. ;-)

Lemon and friends

I'm particularly proud to see this painting sold because it stays one of my favorites. This painting will be shipped tomorrow to Singapore. ^^

Grapes #32

Sold - USA