Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A French artist in London...

Our trip to London was simply fantastic. Marie-Dominique, my sweet wife is fallen in love for this city and we have now only one idea... Back to London as soon as possible !! ;-)

Our trip begins by the visit of Saint-Malo, the famous city of corsairs. The old quarter with its ramparts is perfectly preserved and you can visit them with Google maps on this link.

We left Saint-Malo and slept in the ferry to be in London just in time to see the changing of the guard a Buckimgham palace.

Florence (my doughter) and Marie-Dominique were very happy to begin our first day like this. The architecture in London is simply splendid and every corner you are amazed at what you can discover as here, the Russell Hotel.

We immediately visited the British Museum because it was near our hotel. Unlike in France, all museums are free in London and it was really fantastic to see these pieces in person as in our history books like the "Rosette stone" which was deciphered by Champollion.

We gave also visit to St. Pancras and to King Cross because girls are big Harry Potter amateurs. ;-)

After a visit to Big Ben, Parliament and the abbey, it was a moving moment for me. The visit to the National Gallery...

It was like a dream. See in person Vermeer paintings, Caravaggio, Van Gogh or Botticelli, seeing all these big names and paintings that I only knew from books was amazing... ;-)

At the end of the visit, my surprise was immeasurable. I did not know that this painting -The Arnolfini portrait (below) - was at the National Gallery. This is one of my favorite paintings. I was crazy and the guards have even made fun of me believing that I didn't understand English. ;-)

And all our days were like this, alternating museums and visit of London... At Hyde Park we met a new friend...

... A squirrel totally addicted to coffee. ;-)

After the Albert Hall, it was the great pleasure of our daughter... The visit of Science Museums...

Since she was born, Florence loves stones. There was a huge entire room and she watched them all ...

But where she was the happiest was the museum of technology, posing in front of the real Apollo 10 cabin and most importantly, the best thing for her, a particle accelerator built in 1937. She loves the fission atom, she knows all about radioactivity and is a great fan of Einstein. Proof of this is that sometimes, dogs give birth to cats, as we say in France. ;-)

We saw many other beautiful places and interesting things... 

... And at the Saatchi Gallery, Florence was very sensitive to delicious muffins sold next door. ;-)

So it is with great regret that we have on the ferry back and say goodbye to the strange tower of Portsmouth. ;-)

Hardly time to celebrate the birthday of my sweet wife, it already had on Monday back to work. ;-)


  1. Ohh la la, what a lovely trip and such good English weather! ;-) Thanks for sharing the fun time.

    1. The weather was very good, a little too much warm. ;-)


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